No ! In the shading method, the paint applied to the hair is a special paint brought from abroad. Because it is mineral-based, it is water-permeable and doesn’t disturb ablutions .

No ! Our company uses water based organic paint produced for this process.

It does not contain any animal fat or substance, it is helical.

Price is given according to the area to be applied.

Send your line to +90 533 261 54 78 with WhatsApp off your head. Give detailed information and price by our experts.

Dr. Moshe ALUL is a pioneer expert in using this technique and developing the device in the world. In this regard, our doctor who has a world-famous reputation is the leader of our team at the same time.

The hair simulation is usually completed in 2-3 seans. This time depends on the skin structure of the person.

Each session takes 2 hours on average.

Session intervals should be between 20 days and 1 month.

Our experts examine the skin of the person and create an application program based on the skin structure.

This practice lasts for 4 – 5 years. May vary with skin structure.

After application, especially after the first session, the skin may vomit at certain points and this ratio varies significantly from skin to skin.

Some are less, some are more.

For this reason, 2 sessions and 3 seanstas are both concentrated and overtaken, and the process is completed successfully.

Vomiting occurs less often after the first session because the immune system gets used to the pigments after the first session.

As a specialist we recommend that you apply a slight retouch after each year. This preserves both life and longevity and provides a lifetime extension of the retention period.

Hair Inn applications have a 3-year warranty for our customers. If customers do not interrupt their free finish every year, the permanence of the process will be 8-10 years.

Dr. Moshe ALUL is led by the World General Service and Turkey General Representative is located in Istanbul Besiktas. We have contact information below.