AWT Acoustic Wave Therapy

AWT Working Shape

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses the body’s own natural repair mechanisms to tighten the tissues.

When cellulite reaches advanced pathologic stages, the lymphatic vasculature can no longer return as much protein molecules and metabolism products from the intercellular space to the venous (venous) system.

The high level of protein in the cells causes fibrosis, which causes changes in tissue structure. This leads to an increase in impedance jumps where acoustic wave effects occur. In other words, the acoustic waves transfer the energy mechanically to the tissue with a difference in density, and in this way effects similar to the breakdown of the kidney stone in the fatty tissue occur.

Acoustic wave application causes a temporary increase in the permeability of the cell membrane. The exchange of substances between cells and the immobilization of fat cells in the fat cells becomes mobile and emptied to the distance between the cells.


Effective in the face

It is known that acoustic waves generated by the AWT system can convert mechanical  into biochemical activity in the tissue. This phenomenon, called mechanotransduction, forms the basis of “full-layer tissue activation”. Acoustic wave therapy affects the release of certain bioactive substances which cause hyperemesis in all tissue plates, including whole tissue, including vascular tissue through vasodilatation (vascularization) (new vessel formation).


Full Body Tissue Activation in the Body;

Patients with cellulitis usually have hypotonic postural muscles. So muscle mass is weak and muscles are loose. In these cases, in addition to acoustic waves, vibration therapy should also be used to provide muscle stimulation. Vibration therapy (V-ACTOR) is combined with AWT treatment to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Thus, increased muscle energy contributes to the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by way of active blood cell metabolism. This allows the formation of new muscle fibers and strengthening of the muscles.


The main purpose of Acoustic Wave Therapy is to tighten the connective tissue and to provide full layer tissue activation by providing neofformation (renewal). When this happens, it is not a cellulite removal and weight loss device. The proven activation effect of AWT on the overall metabolism is also characteristic.


The effects of AWT on cellulite, fat and connective tissue;

Cellulite can be quite independent in the developmental stage or can be a serious cosmetic and psychological effect. Many women with this tissue disorder complain about the depressed appearance of their legs and the falling quality of life that accompanies them.

Another cause of cellulite is decreased circulating capacity of lymphatic vessels. AWT accelerates lymphatic flow, increases metabolic activity and stimulates lipase activation and fat breakdown.

These effects have been proved by biochemical methods in the increase of fat in radiological methods showing lymphatic flow and blood values observed before and after the procedure.


Before AWT;

 Expanding fat cells create a typical orange peel skin  creating protrusions towards the surface of the skin. Fibrous bands containing non-elastic, aged collagen are caused by undesirable pitting because they can not flex with peripheral fat tissue. This pressure on the tissue significantly reduces local blood flow and tissue feeding.



High amplitude and high frequency acoustic waves are applied to the fabric. The fibrous bands dissociate and the connective tissue relaxes with flexible fibrous bands containing the new collagen. Blood circulation in tissues has increased significantly. New collagen production is stimulated, which strengthens the dermis and the emulsion.


After AWT;

New collagen synthesis with high elastin in epidermis increases skin elasticity and firmness. As a result of the application of AWT, the tightness is increased and the natural elasticity regenerated skin and activated connective tissue are constructed and visible from the skin to the entire tissue, and the long-term recovery is achieved.


AWT Advanced skin structure and aging counter-effect in the treatment of cellulite and poor connective tissue;

Analysis and evaluation of ultrasound images

Ultrasonographic images of each patient were evaluated by an independent group according to the following criteria:

Score 1 = poor structure Score 2 = moderate structure score 3 = tight structure

A significant increase in cell density was observed in the evaluation of ultrasound images. Visually observed improvement in the same ultrasonic image proved to be a significant increase in skin tightness


AWT Advanced skin elasticity and dermal revitalization in the treatment of cellulite and poor connective tissue;

The skin elasticity values measured at the end of treatment were increased by 74%. Even during a 3-month follow-up, a 105% increase in skin elasticity was detected. On the other hand, the positive development of the skin properties obtained with chemical skin care products (creams, lotions) is only between 12% and 25%, in some individual cases only around 30%.

Münster / Germany Director of Dermatest GmbH is a dermatologist. According to Voss, cosmetic products, creams, lotions and other similar treatments should be regarded as exceptional results with an improvement of more than 40%.


AWT ideal body shaping therapy

Acoustic waves provide a body shaping option. These waves are applied to the tissues to stimulate the cells. This increases the permeability of the cell membrane and releases glycerol with free fatty acids from the cells. Metabolic products accumulate in the space between cells; lymphatic and blood circulation systems.

Acoustic waves enhance tissue mechanics and allow transport of these catabolic products removed from the media for use in energy metabolism to the liver.

As a result of fat cell activation, metabolism residues produced in the body are removed with a light diet, physical exercise and abundant fluid consumption, which will be an additional source of energy.


The results of established studies confirm the efficacy of body shaping therapy.

Environmental thinning: 72% of subjects receiving body shaping therapy

effect on hips; 2.5-7 cm circumferential thinning

tighter legs: 84% of treated subjects

smoother skin surface: 95% of treated subjects


D-ACTOR 200 / Masterpuls 200 – radial AWT system

Acoustic wave therapy with the D-ACTOR 200 system uses high-energy sound waves that are applied to the body in the form of high-frequency vibrations. AWT is the first long-acting treatment that affects cellulite I-III stages.


Major AWT Effects:

  • •Cellulite treatment (stages I-III)
  • •Muscle and connective tissue tightening
  • •Elimination of lymphatic obstruction
  • •Body shaping
  • •Muscle tone regulation
  • •Tissue activation in the face region
  • •Medical massage


V – ACTOR – ideal complement for Acoustic Wave Therapy with CELLACTOR SC1 and D – ACTOR 200

The V – ACTOR applicator is an ideal complement to acoustic wave therapy and contributes to long – term treatment outcomes. Vibration therapy stimulates metabolism and accelerates the removal of matricular wastes. Pneumatically created superficial pulses trigger skin and muscle vibrations, which have a positive effect on lymphatic flow. This also helps natural skin tightening and softening.

During vibra- tion therapy, mechanical vibrations cause muscle fibers to contract with a naturally-controlled reflex. As a result of reflex stimulation, the signals are electrically directed, causing the chemical processes to be stimulated in the muscles. The recovery of pathological states in muscle and vein tone is slowed by the stimulating effect of vibration therapy As a result, muscle condition returns to normal. Vibration massage completes AWT therapy and provides biomechanical stimulation in tissues.


Vibration therapy

  • •Stimulates metabolism and speeds up metabolic waste removal.
  • •Tightens tissues with muscle stimulation.
  • •Increase skin tightness to restore natural, youthful appearance.
  • •Provides biomechanical stimulation in tissues



  • •Body shaping
  • •Lymphatic drainage massage
  • •Skin tightening
  • •Muscle and connective tissue activation