DR-70® Cancer Test

Early detection in cancer saves lives!

What is Cancer ?

    • •Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled proliferation of bad cells.
    • •Every year in Turkey dead about 50.000 people because of cancer
    • •In our country, more than 150.000 people diagnosed with cancer each year.
    • •Cancer is the second leading cause of death among the world
    • •In the World 12.7 million people each year is diagnosed with cancer and 7.6 million people dying because of cancer.
    • •One of every two males and one of every three women risk for cancer in all of life.
    • •Lung, colon and breast cancers, the most common types of cancer and death.
    • •World Health Organization suggests to Early diagnosis for cancer prevention


What are the most types of cancer?


Why is early diagnosis so important?

  • •Between early diagnosis and treatment chances are available for almost all types of cancer. With early diagnosis, treatment success reaches 60%.
  • •Early stage large intestine and breast cancers can be treated at rates approaching 90%, while the chances of treatment at advanced stages fall below 20%.

Tests used in the early diagnosis of cancer; biologic substances that are not found in healthy people and that bleed out from the cancerous tissue.


What is DR-70® and what are the advantages?

  • •DR-70® It is an easily applied blood test.
  • •DR-70® has been discovered as a result of intensive research to provide early detection of cancer risk and follow-up of cancer patients.
  • •While other tests may separately assess the risk for different types of cancer, DR-70® is the newest and most innovative laboratory test that can detect the risk of cancer in the body in one go.
  • •It measures the most recently approved tumor markers from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) among biologics used in the early detection of cancer risk and in the follow-up of cancer patients.
  • •Following colon cancer is the only test in the United States that has been approved in the last 25 years.
  • •It is used in early diagnosis of cancer of liver, pancreas, food borne, brain, uterus, cervix, ovary, prostate and bladder cancer and following cancer patients especially in large intestine, lung, breast and stomach cancer.
  • •Clinic that allows early detection of cancer risk and follow-up of cancer patients proved by work.