Permanent Make-up (For Mens)

Nowadays, men are now following innovations in care as much as women.

Well-groomed men are both more successful in their professional sense and more attracted by the opposite sex.

One of the latest trends in men is the permanent makeup trend. Now men are looking for long-term retention in a well-groomed look. In men, a permanent makeup technique makes eyebrows and eyelashes more distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

But the permanent makeup technique applied to men is a much different technique than that applied in women.

The less obvious and more natural appearance is the most important essence in men’s technique. When two sessions are completed in women, it is imperative to divide each seanst by dividing it by 3 in men.

Not as obvious.

Technique and application contain many different points, so it must be practiced by professional people.


In men;

  • •Lash Contour
  • •Brow Contour
  • •Lip Contour

most preferred applications.