Permanent Makeup for Women

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the process of applying a disposable needle with natural and mineral colors just below the skin’s surface. Paints are anti-allergic, organic dyes that are designed for use on the skin, especially face and body, free of additives and odor. This process, which can be regarded as more cosmetic-tattooing, can create effects that match your natural skin color on eyebrows, eye lines or lips, as well as some minor defects. Deformities can be eliminated. So you can get a smoother, well-groomed and youthful look.


Micro Pigmentation

Micro Pigmentation, permanent makeup with the name of the public, is actually semi permanant,  If we come to the cause; Pigments, and pigments used in Micro Pigmentation disappear with FAGOSITOZ, the physiological function of cells over time. The cell takes in, destroys, and destroys the pigment. We can say that micro-pigmentation disappears in 2-3 years, but it is dependent on the skin type, so some pigments may not completely disappear and some shadows may remain on the skin. It should be emphasized here that there is certainly no harmful effect on the organism.


Reasons for Loss of Pigmentation After Application: 

  • •Loss of pigmentation due to skin type
  • •Missing parts due to premature rupture of the shells
  • •After application, the area where the treatment is performed or the area is left dry
  • •Skatrization (skin self-renewal)
  • •Depends on the fact that the pigments can not be placed properly and proportionately in the air layer.


Important points to note in permanent make-up; 

  • •Pigments (colors) are natural and organic
  • •Single-use needle use
  • •Use of other accessories, equipments and materials used in sterilization and hygiene regulations
  • •The practitioner is educated in this regard


How to make permanent makeup?

 Most people describe the application moment as a slight stinging sensation. There is a minimal inconvenience that will vary depending on the pain sensitivity of the person and the hand lighter of the applicator. Local anesthesia and oils can be used to minimize the inconvenience that may occur in the region and to numb the region, as well as local anesthesia under the supervision of a physician. The length of the procedure may vary according to the sensitivity of the person, the skin moisture, the elasticity of the density and the general condition of the skin. The average duration is 1-2 hours. One set of micro sterile needles is immersed in a permanent color blend and applied to the skin in the direction of the individual’s wishes. The fresh color is injected into the upper layer of the skin through the needles. Contrary to tattooing, the skin is slightly painted and painted. Again for the same reason, the skin trauma heals much more quickly. After the application most people can continue normal life. The fact that the application is truly permanent requires attention to certain things. Excessive sun exposure to UV rays or solarium sessions, skin dryness is a factor that affects some drugs and cigarette smoking negatively. Alpha-hydroxy, retin-a and glycolic acid are substances that must be kept away from permanent makeup applied areas. Otherwise, extra care may be required for certain periods of time as the effect may be diminished. Some precautions such as using sun-protected creams on eyelids, wearing sunglasses on eyes with eye-liner applied and protecting the lips will increase the make-up’s permanence.


Permanent Make-up Application Areas & In which situations does Micro Pigmentation apply? 

  • •Micro Pigmentation is very useful for correcting irregular lines.
  • •To prolong a short eyebrow.
  • •Drawing eyebrows that are not obvious or that do not exist at all.
  • •Correcting lip lines.
  • •Lift eye line up.
  • •Covering the VITIGIO spot.
  • •ALOPESI, camouflage the bald areas with hair.
  • •To hide the traces of chemotherapy.
  • •Hiding scars.
  • •Or just give a permanent makeup look.
  • •Functions of microprogration.


Why Permanent Makeup?

  • •Show a longer face oval
  • •Show a rounded face narrower
  • •Show more disjointed eyes
  • •Show discrete eyes closer
  • •To emphasize shaped eyes


Permanent Brow Application: 

  • •Thinned eyebrows may appear lush.
  • •It is beautiful with a broken eyebrow-shaped brow spring.
  • •The intensity of the eyebrows can be increased.
  • •For a medical reason, eyebrows may make new eyebrows.


Permanent Eye-Liner Application: 

  • •It may normalize too big eyes.
  • •Adjacent eyes may be more discrete.
  • •Small eyes may show larger.
  • •Uninformed eyes may appear more exotic.


Permanent Lip Shaping: 

  • •Can identify lips better.
  • •Irregular lip can heal around.
  • •It may interfere with the flow of lipstick and rinse aid.
  • •It can provide full lips.
  • •Can hide scars.