Laser Shower (Laser Hair Styling Treatment)



Having healthy hair is one of the most important priorities of women and men regarding their appearance. For this reason, hair loss can be a major problem for some people.

People suffering from hair problems are affected psychologically, but they can cause serious depression.

The hair has a certain cycle, which consists of the elongation phase, transition phase and resting phase according to the genetic code.

Our hair is at the 80% elongation stage and it lasts 2-5 years on average. After a short transition period, rest is relaxed and this rate is around 19%. The resting phase lasts for 3-4 months and then the phase of shedding starts and new hair starts to rise on the one hand.

  • •It is normal to have 100 wire spikes per day.
  • •Causes of hair loss, genetic factors, seasonal changes, hormones, stress factors, nutrition and diet, past surgical history, drug treatment can be used.
  • •In Laser Therapy, a lower level of laser is applied to the head of the scalp, giving a stronger blood flow to the roots by applying a more intense blood flow from the capillaries.
  • •Hair roots become stronger to stop spillage and prevent roots from weakening to death. Thus, the roots that become ACTIVE continue to form new hair as soon as they die.
  • •Quicker and thicker hair is provided.
  • •Apply for 15 minutes a week.
  • •It is recommended to apply at least 15 sessions.
  • •FDA-approved laser therapy stops hair loss and makes hair grow stronger and faster.
  • •This technique is Europe’s most preferred technique and the success rate of treatment on hundreds of customers is high.
  • •It is a method of high success in wound healing after hair transplantation and clinging of the attached hair follicles.

With the laser shower your hair is lusher and stronger.