Breast Tip Pigmentation

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. After breast amputation, women live a great deal of trauma. Since the breast represents one of the female symbols, the loss of this organ opens up great injuries in the psychology of the person. Body image, self-confidence, self-perception are affected. She thinks you’re not beautiful, not a woman.

• Psychological condition is affected. In other words, the loss of guilt, resentment, remorse, anger, feelings of intense.

• There is fear that the disease will recur.

• Changes in belief and value systems.

• She thinks that she will lose her love and love.

• Breast repair is performed a few months after the end of the treatment.

• It is possible to restore the old appearance by placing a silicone implant.

• The breast is produced by breast-tip pigmentation (areolei pigmentation).

• Nocturnal pigmentation is a technique of pigmentation that requires special training and experience.

• A special device and organic paint are created by applying special paint to the bottom of the skin in 3D nozzle view.

• In this way, the person becomes a natural breast again.

The paints used must be those that are organic and have no side effects.