The Prosthetic Hair / Medical Hair Application

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Who Can Made Prothesis Hair ?

Prothesis hair causing genetic or physiological, alopecia or ageing, chemotherapy treatments or burns and injuries as a result of loss of hair can be implemented extremely successfully.

It doesn’t matter which of your hair loss phase. you feel discomfort with your hair your hair already spilled.

It’s like a coin-sized areas where applicable or no hair can also be done for people with sparse hair. Care for men, women or children, it doesn’t matter.

Hair prosthesis blockades of the people; minor children and eczema, chronic skin disease, such as advanced ones.

Hair Replacement Phases

The first digits of the staging of hair that make up the “dimensioning of” having been right, plays an important role in the success of the next step.

You’re in rarefied region of the drawing and the head shed or structure defining the right way with this region a shett is created. Properties of the hair sample and recording a special order form to be sent abroad from now on production may begin the process of cargo. This is a process of six to eight weeks.

Placement: The success of hair placement process; person’s hair color, thickness, length, structural features of the correct wavelength, and the definition of the density on the head of their hair sparse data depends on the identification of good fit. At this stage it is very important that expertise and experience. Hair prosthesis with special adhesive made previously into the sparse hair balding or area dimension in applied.

Design: In the final stage with the creation of the appropriate face and hair problem vanishes. This phase is competent and non-aesthetic appearance be informed not by hands. Hair prosthesis is the final phase of the application model design can be created in such a way that the customer wants. As long as the previous steps correctly and get shaped by expert hands. Whether you want to scan all kinds of long and short would be sculpted hair supply is possible in this sector. Otherwise, they created the situation we’re talking about and vision, which continues to damage without a competent sector, earnings are on welfare, who pursue so-called hair expert.

Advantages Of Hair Prostheses Produced High Quality

Can be scanned in all directions and enter each desired shape. Along the lines of the front Temple are unable to distinguish one’s own natural hair. (Coming out of his skin in a special way as human hair prosthesis design. Very few companies that can make this application in Turkey.)

Prosthetic hair in the harmony of one’s own natural hair to have provided one-to-one. (Having been a specialist hair part of the combination will increase even further.) Sporting activities during the sweat soaked prosthetic hair person is to act in a manner compatible with release hair. This naturalness, design and standard true Implant aspects of the method of a node that are not being used. Air and water permeability of the upper level and minimum delicacy and lightness thanks to the feeling of lightness needed to be made. Besides the thick and coarse prosthetic top dentures, especially this new systems already use dentures know ones are extremely pleased. Maintenance time due to a thin and robust construction of the prosthesis of dilation and it brought to users of psychological comfort and material advantages, this is one of the other positive features of dentures. Hair tint from the Sun and sea bathing, with the opening of the red and to avoid an incompatible color.

Special knotting techniques so your hair spill for a long time and in this way, according to the standard quality-of-life production is fairly long. In the medium and long term the price advantages that occur.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Prosthesis

In the light of experience gained over the years, likely to cause confusion among users, or those who wish to use the prosthetic hair similar questions occur in. Unfortunately, some remote accounts, these questions are unrealistic and most salt and sale-oriented customers, by providing answers to their grievances.

Dentures hair, provided that the right measure to be taken can be applied to all ages and gender. Note: except for young children.

The daily life activities of the person, you do not need to go to the constraint. You can make all kinds of sporting activity, take a shower, you can scan in any way your hair, you can go to the sauna, solarium sun bed. The only condition, without limitation, all this debate about the correct application of the dentures and quality hair products.

Air and water permeability of the prosthesis used in cleaning the skin to be comfortable in terms of and is extremely important.

To deal with a water-based hair replacement. The solution used is extremely important to the health of the person. Although different methods related to the implementation of the prosthesis, they appeared in when they’re not efficient enough.

Live all kinds of cosmetic products applied to the hair prosthesis can also be applied to the hair. However, it is very important to the quality and content of the products used. Produced in low quality products can damage the hair and the hair as it is live. Prothesis hair like hair growth and decay, because aesthetics are not bad. Even skin itching, irritation and rashes may occur. To avoid such situations, especially applies to prosthetic hair shampoo, Hair Conditioner, spray, etc. products it is important to have in the appropriate quality and PH. Antibacterial and anti-dandruff products that can occur in the long run be preferred pathogen microorganisms providing hygienic and comfortable usage of unblocking.

Prosthetic hair care routine. Adhesive strength of schedule because of losing solution in certain periods maintenance process needs to be repeated. This is the solution used is natural air and water permeability. Other factors would affect the maintenance intervals of time. The person’s temperature and humidity where he lives according to the degree of this ranges from two to five week periods. Users of prosthetic hair treatments can make hair prosthesis centers easily themselves. Prothesis hair life depends on certain criteria. The same hair density and infrastructure made the production of two different properties in one of their life compared to the prosthesis, sets out the quality differences. Coarse, thick and aesthetic that does not appear but extremely robust to be able to use a prosthesis applied 4 year knot method was possible this time, natural light and aesthetically compatible crafted live hair prosthesis ranged from 1 to 2 years.