Hair Simulation / Scalpmicropigmentation / Hair Shading / Hair Tattoo

Starting falling out uncommon, or spilled hair always lead to difficulties related to the person’s image, can cause problems in social life. The widening of the scalp, baldness appears to be people unhappy or even pull even to take pictures can be a cause.

Usually a number of natural products, medical treatments to get help and get a little bit of hair often, an attempt is made to provided appear strong. Medical and natural treatments can be stopped with the help of hair loss and hair strengthening and thickening can be provided, but these products are used during this interaction. Application time hair which gradually become old.

Hair restoration will help make the image more often in combination with another method; For many years in the United States and Europe being applied to scalpmicropigmentation so he started to crystallize the shadowing technique on the scalp, scalp with a special device with shadowing of the Hair simulation (tiny sheet effect) by applying the thinning areas provides more frequent and intense look. His hair is thinning, hair restoration, hair transplant can be applied to all patients considering taking this method 4-5 year is permanent.

Hair Chintan or hair growing or reproducing, hair is becoming a more intense look at least 70%

Hair simulation had taken people sparse results Implant but, sparse hair, alopecia sufferers, people who are the problem, scar sheet of Killeen, almost every kind of sheet metal problem people who successfully applied.

The process depends on a person’s skin 2-3 session is completed. According to the Implant session of expert people’s skin.

Each year, the vitality and persistence of the color with a little retouching time.

We were brought from abroad, our special hair shading technique, we and our herbal title using permanent paint application. Special thanks to our application persistence made our products 5 year and the soul does not change of color.


Hair simulation (scalpmicropigmentation) Who applied?

  • •The people Built  Implant
  • •Those who Infrequently sheet problem
  • •Alopecia patients
  • •At the Regional breakdown
  • •Completely bald,
  • •Wound and surgery on the track
  • •The biggest advantage of hair simulation can be applied to everyone.
  • •Painless and is without bruises.
  • •People can continue without a break in his daily life.
  • •Average is a two-hour operation.
  • •Instant results.
  • •According to the structure of the skin is made up of the number of sessions and generally 2-3 session


Hair simulation (scalpmicropigmentation) how to apply?

  • •Customer numb cream is applied.
  • • To counter the sensitivity of the skin.
  • •The person’s hair tons of shade match.
  • • Specialist in exactly the same tone creates several color match.
  • • The process sitting comfort is applied.
  • • 2-3 hours is completed.
  • • Is a comfortable and convenient application.
  • • Instant results.


After Hair simulation What should we do ?

  • •The first to be considered a period of 2 (two) weekly pool, sea, Hammam and sauna mustn’t be entered.
  • •Turkish bath and sauna, or hang out in the intense solar rays hat as possible.
  • •It is important to protect the color for a long persistence .
  • •During the summer months for long term stay under the Sun’s rays, was enforce Hair simulation
  • •People are advised to cap or hat.
  • •Retained for a long time that hang out in the Sun Hat color cast. The Sun’s rays, discards faster than skin color.